INTERMEDIATE, 2022 (Ancaster Little League)

This League is part of the 2022 season, which is not set as the current season.
TeamGPWLTPtsRFRADiffRF %Last 10StreakLast Game
ILL- Red Sox642082723+40.5404-2-0LOST 1@ ILL- Dodgers, 3-4 (L)
ILL- Dodgers63306232300.5003-3-0WON 1vs. ILL- Red Sox, 3-4 (W)
ILL- Blue Jays312021416-20.4671-2-0LOST 2@ ILL- Red Sox, 3-5 (L)
ILL- Yankees312021214-20.4621-2-0LOST 2@ ILL- Dodgers, 5-8 (L)
Regular Season
TeamGPWLTPtsRFRADiffRF %Last 10StreakLast Game
ILL- Dodgers1510502010577+280.5776-4-0WON 1@ ILL- Red Sox, 7-3 (W)
ILL- Red Sox15672148895-70.4815-4-1LOST 1vs. ILL- Dodgers, 7-3 (L)
ILL- Blue Jays15672147990-110.4674-5-1TIED 1vs. ILL- Yankees, 2-2 (T)
ILL- Yankees15582128999-100.4733-5-2TIED 1@ ILL- Blue Jays, 2-2 (T)