Major Division (Ancaster Little League)

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Ancaster Little League Major Division is for players aged 11 & 12.

There are 11 to 13 players per team and are placed onto teams after an evaluation process before the start of the season. Teams are assembled based on an even distribution of skill level.

A maximum of 9 players in the field defensively for each inning. Players are rotated through the infield and outfield positions and may sit for one or two innings at the discretion of the coaches. Coaches focus on developing individual and overall team skills.

Each player must play a minimum of 2 innings in the infield and all players must sit once before any player sits twice. All players bat in a continuous batting order. Coaches focus on developing individual and overall team skills.

There is one practice per week and one game per week. There will also be one full weekend of play in May or June. The season starts early May and goes until mid August. Game scores and standings are recorded. 

Upon completion of the regular season, a post-season playoff tournament is held. The top 2 teams from this tournament play on Championship Day and receive medals.

Game Night: One night Monday – Thursday
Practice: One night Monday – Thursday
Fee: $300