Remember Matthew Krol

Ancaster Little League Families: 

On August 4, 1994, while hosting the Big League Canadian Championships at the newly built Ancaster Community Centre, lightning struck the field and killed a young man by the name of Matthew Krol. Matthew had just turned 19, and playing for his hometown team in a national championship. The final strike of lightning coming as the skies had cleared and play was about to resume, teams were warming up getting ready for play, it is a moment and a day that has not been forgotten in this town and today we honour Matthew Krol’s life and legacy. 

Today on our game fields you will see MK4 chalked on the field, #4 was Matthew’s number for Calgary West team, and if you go up the road, you will find the field where he passed bearing his name, and a memorial bench down the third base line. 

Today, and everyday, play for the love of the game, play for the love of sport, and play for Matthew Krol. 


Here is an article written in 2009 and about the incident in 1994: