T-Ball is the second level of play in Ancaster Little League for young players ages 5 (who have played Blastball), 6 or 7. A 7 year old may play choose to either T-Ball or Rookie Ball depending on their level of experience. The primary focus of T-Ball is to teach children, coaches and parents the fundamentals of baseball setting the foundation and preparing them for Rookie Ball.

T-Ball is intended to be a fun, non-competitive skills development program. Players will be exposed to the basics of baseball including hitting, catching, throwing and base running. All players on the defensive team play in the field at the same time and every player hits every inning.

The season starts early May and goes until mid August. There is one practice per week and one game per week. There will also be one full weekend of play in May or June. 

Game Night: Tuesday 6 pm
Practice: Monday OR Wednesday
Fee: $235