SENIOR TBALL, 2022 (Ancaster Little League)

This League is part of the 2022 season, which is not set as the current season.
TeamGPWLTPtsRFRADiffRF %Last 10StreakLast Game
SR- Orioles44008144136+80.5144-0-0WON 4vs. SR- Cubs, 35-36 (W)
SR- Cubs53206182173+90.5133-2-0LOST 1@ SR- Orioles, 35-36 (L)
SR- Blue Jays53206162152+100.5163-2-0LOST 1@ SR- Cubs, 29-35 (L)
SR- Rockies42204140131+90.5172-2-0LOST 1@ SR- White Sox, 32-36 (L)
SR- Dodgers42204148142+60.5102-2-0LOST 1@ SR- Blue Jays, 28-31 (L)
SR- Red Sox4220413613600.5002-2-0LOST 1vs. SR- Blue Jays, 40-36 (L)
SR- Braves31202109110-10.4981-2-0LOST 2vs. SR- Dodgers, 43-38 (L)
SR- White Sox312028293-110.4691-2-0LOST 1@ SR- Red Sox, 22-27 (L)
SR- Yankees202006980-110.4630-2-0LOST 2vs. SR- Dodgers, 44-34 (L)
SR- Pirates202005069-190.4200-2-0LOST 2@ SR- Rockies, 24-36 (L)
Regular Season
TeamGPWLTPtsRFRADiffRF %Last 10StreakLast Game
SR- Orioles16132127620502+1180.5539-0-1TIED 1vs. SR- Pirates, 43-43 (T)
SR- Red Sox16124024506438+680.5367-3-0WON 2vs. SR- Blue Jays, 39-40 (W)
SR- Cubs16115022532475+570.5287-3-0WON 3@ SR- Yankees, 28-21 (W)
SR- Blue Jays16105121553533+200.5096-3-1LOST 2@ SR- Red Sox, 39-40 (L)
SR- White Sox1696119473437+360.5204-5-1TIED 1@ SR- Rockies, 29-29 (T)
SR- Yankees1678115483500-170.4913-6-1LOST 1vs. SR- Cubs, 28-21 (L)
SR- Braves1541019392429-370.4772-7-1WON 1vs. SR- Rockies, 30-33 (W)
SR- Rockies1631039453509-560.4712-5-3TIED 1vs. SR- White Sox, 29-29 (T)
SR- Dodgers1531117414508-940.4492-7-1TIED 1@ SR- Yankees, 19-19 (T)
SR- Pirates1611235425520-950.4500-7-3TIED 1@ SR- Orioles, 43-43 (T)